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The Drama School  ON Teatro Formazione Cultura was born in Salerno in 2019 because of Licia Amarante and Marco Ziello's need to create a place of inclusion in which to share the love for theatre, for art and for culture in general. "ON" because the Drama School aims to "press the switch" to turn on the love for art that is inside each one of us. ON is, therefore, theatre, training and culture because it is proposed, through a continuous training, to spread the theatrical culture (and more!) and to be able to become a landmark for everyone who loves theatre and culture, getting in touch with different people and different realities in a continuous mutual enrichment.

turn on the art!

Artistic directors

Licia Amarante

THEATRE  TEACHER AND DIRECTOR. Her background Is related to the world of dance (she studied with Mariella Angelucci of the Accademia di Roma, Lilly Albanese, Renato Greco, Matt Mattox) and to the theatre-dance, a language with whom she conceived, among other things, "La cogida y la Muerte" from F.G.Lorca and "Troiane" from Euripide, also through the experience of the direction of musical "Aggiungi un posto a tavola", "Forza venite gente", "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Pulcinella swing".

In the meantime, she approached the theatre (her passion since high school and the the reason why she chose to write her Thesis of Degree in Classical Literature right on the Greek Theatre), first as head of theatrical school projects then as theatre director ( like the one with “Théatre chez Picasso”, from theatrical texts of Picasso himself, produced by the City of Salerno and the art critic Massimo Bignardi).

In 2009 she was the founder and promoter of the L.A.A.V. Officina Teatrale in Salerno, a reality mainly born for theatre training, but that led also to hosting workshops and contemporary drama showcase like OUT OF BOUNDS.

During these years she has taught the theatre courses for children and young people, staging works such as "Storia di una piccola Cipolla" (a new version of Gianni Rodari’s piece re-written by a young theatre student) or as "Eroi in viaggio", play text conceived by the students themselves during the drama school permanent creative writing workshop. Anyway, she didn’t stop directing. Among the various directions of these years the most remarkable are : "4 TEMPI", a study on H.Pinter;"I-II-III ATTESE", from play texts of contemporary dramaturgy by F.Romagnoli, V.Francese and I.Pascual Ortiz; "Della stessa sostanza della madre", by Valeria Francese; "L'Amante" by H. Pinter; 

"Suzanne Andler" by M.Yourcenar; "Penelope Tango" by B.Gentile and I.Pascual Ortiz. ; "Fragile" by A.Weskher ; "In Interiore homine–a study on 'Der Himmel über Berlin’ " by Wim Wenders-, which took place combining the techniques of prose theatre with the contemporary circus.

ACTOR, TEACHER AND THEATRE DIRECTOR. He graduated in Performing Arts in 2014 in University of Bologna in Faculty of Humanities, specialising in Commedia dell'Arte. He also graduated in the School of Drama "Teatro Azione" in Rome directed by Cristiano Censi e Isabella Del Bianco (2007). He specialized in the Commedia dell'Arte with teacher  Antonio Fava (since 2009). He studied Clown and Buffon with Antón Valén (clown in Cirque du Soleil). He studied with Norman TaylorClaudia Contin, Ferruccio Merisi, Miriam VillalobosBelén Gordillo and Eric Davis. He also studied Storytelling with Giancarlo Fares, who directed his play "Il Silenzio" (2011).  He has been collaborating with the cultural Association Caracò as an teacher and actor  in the shows "Questione di un attimo" and "Ofelia in the dog days" theatre director Alessandro Gallo and "Era Tuo Padre" theatre director Carlo Caracciolo. He performed together with Antonio Fava (company ArscomicA) in several productions "Le Astuzie di Coviello" "Amaca a tre piazze" and "Mimus Albus Comedy",  from 2010 to 2014. Since 2016 he has been on tour with the show "The Missing Wife" (Italy, Finland, Norway and Australia). In Dicember 2018 he worked  as Author, director and actor for the show "Caro Fratello" with company De.Co.Vo. choreographer Olga Ziello.  Since 2011 he has been collaborating with "Porvoo Theatre" (Finland), as a teacher of Commedia dell'Arte, as a director in the shows "Sunnuntai Saapuu" and "Mahtava Markkanen" and as an actor in the show "Mustalaisleiri Muuttaa Taivaaseen". As teacher he's taught in different workshop and masteclass of Commedia dell' Arte in Finland at  Borgå Folkakademi of Porvoo, Nelosteatteri of Kotka, Teatterikuume of Porvoo, Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä of Helsinki; in India at Drama School of Mumbai and Akshara Theatre of New Delhi; in Australia at The Hub Studio in Sydney and Centro Culturale italiano of Canberra; and in Spain Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático of Extremadura.  

He collaborated with "Theatre ntS'" of Naples and "Forum Universale delle Culture Napoli e Campania" in the project "Living Naples":  an international workshop of Commedia dell'Arte. Artistic Director and teacher of the "Comic body and Commedia dell'Arte" international workshop "La Corte Ospitale" of Rubiera, and "Palazzo Fruscione" Salerno, Italy. From 2017 to 2018 he worked as theacher of Commedia dell'Arte at the Drama School "L.A.A.V Officina Teatrale in Salerno, Italy. From 2018 he teaches in different theatre courses in Umbria at  Cantiere Oberdan of Spoleto and at Auditorium Santa Caterina of Foligno. He speaks italian, english, spanish.

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