The Creative Writing course aims to make children get inside the fairy tales and stories they read to make them become protagonists of them, not only as simple passive viewers like they did until now, but letting them play with the stories and rewrite them. Playing with the language and translating on the page the plurality of lived experiences through games and creative workshops makes the learning become a fun and confrontational moment that leads to empathy, elasticity, motivation, attention and listening, and self-awareness.


The screenplay course starts with learning the basics of the tale:

  • description of the world in which the story takes place
  • the inciting incident and the emersion of the protagonist
  • the turning point
  • internal and external conflict of the protagonist
  • resolution of the conflict and the return to the ordinary world 

The course takes place in two phases: a theoretical and a practical one. Students will learn the theories and techniques of cinematographic language (from framing to editing) also through the vision of films that have made the history of Italian and foreign cinema. The course takes place over two years: the first year will deal with the theoretical part of the screenplay and the second year, instead, will be dedicated to the realization of a short film to be presented at national short film festivals.


Lettere to myself is the short movie conceived by the students of the scriptwriting course of the ON drama school



She Graduated in Siena in Modern Literature. She worked for the realization of short films (Le favole della testa, winner of the Roberto Rossellini Prize, Maiori 2001; Liceo Vermigli, ieri, oggi e domani,  Zurich, 2002, wins the prize for the best short made in the schools of Zurich) and feature films (Il Mare davanti, selected by Filmcommission Regione Campania, and Tacon, Film Festival of Las Palmas). She attended the Script course of the RAI (2003, Rome) and writes scripts for various television series.