Our theatre courses, developed in different ways according to age, are based on four, simple, pedagogical concepts: to play, the body, the voice and the improvisation. To play with theatre is acting while relating to others through rules, which means sharing, respecting others, questioning, setting personal and group goals. (But to play teaches also how not to take ourselves too seriously!) While playing , in fact, the body receives inputs that makes it live as a free body that has the full consciousness of the space in which it moves, ready to act and react. The individual is thus freed from superstructures and clichés that prevent a pure creation, so that he can discover the various nuances and potentialities of his own voice in full synchrony with the body. Improvisation, at this point, is a fundamental element of the creation process, necessary to learn how to build a character, how to listen others and how to understand the dynamics of acting in a group.
The final aim of our teaching is Growth. Growth through theatre means growth as human beings, because working on ourselves and with others makes us more available to listen to what surrounds us, more aware of our own potential– and also of our own faults! -, more curious about everything, more willing to learn and more inclined to communicate.più propensi a comunicare.